“Then I’ll make you; see if I don’t,” said Tom.

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A device for continuously indicating on a galvanometer the depths of the ocean.

“Then I’ll make you; see if I don’t,” said Tom.

A method of preventing in a great measure friction of water against the hull of a ship and incidentally preventing fouling by barnacles.

“Then I’ll make you; see if I don’t,” said Tom.

A telephone receiver whereby the vibrations of the diaphragm are considerably amplified.

“Then I’ll make you; see if I don’t,” said Tom.

Two methods of "space" telegraphy at sea.

An improved and extended string telephone.

Devices and method of talking through water for considerable distances.

Sound-bridge for measuring resistance of tubes and other materials for conveying sound.

A method of testing a magnet to ascertain the existence of flaws in the iron or steel composing the same.

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