Council members, that there is every reason to think that

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He died from weakness, and without any disorder, on the 21st of December, 1832, having entered his 97th year on the 15th of the preceding month.

Council members, that there is every reason to think that

His habits before marriage did not promise either an industrious or a very long life. He spent almost every night at cards, and many of his mornings in other amusements. After his marriage he became more attentive to his professional business; but he continued for many years to live more like a bachelor than a married man, spending most of his evenings in the society of his numerous friends, or at a coffee-house. He was very hospitable both in bed and board, but in the plainest way. His surplus income was laid out in purchases at Shere and in planting, and he left no personal property except his life insurances. The family estate devolved on his death to his grandson Edward, who lived at Shere, and died in 1866, at the age of 72.

Council members, that there is every reason to think that

1756, Jan. 1st.--Called on Miss Stevens { 2} this morning. With Mr. Boughton and Shotter to Mr. Shrubb's at Shalford, to spend the evening. We played at loo, came home a little after 11.

Council members, that there is every reason to think that

7th.--Drank tea at Mrs. Westbrook's. Mr. and Mrs. Fortery there: they played at quadrille. I went home for an hour, and went again, played and supped there. Home a little before 12.

9th.--Carried Mr. Haydon his appointment as a Trustee of the Turnpike; he gave me 5s. After the meeting the trustees went to Mr. P. Flutter's; { 3} they sent for me about 8, to play at cards. { 4} I played at whisk with Mr. Flutter, Mr. J. Martyr, and Mrs. Flutter: won every game. Home about one; won 3s. 6d.

10th.--Mr. Duncumb { 5} dined here. He and I went to Mrs. Wilpley's, { 6} but she not being at home, we went to the 'White Hart' and spent the evening, and supped there.

12th.--With Mr. Martyr in his postchaise to London, to Clare, and drank tea with him. To Drury Lane playhouse, but could not get in, so we went to the Robin Hood Society, and stayed till after 10. The question was, whether the increase of unmarried people was owing to the men's greater bashfulness, or women's greater coyness, than formerly.

13th.--Went to Drury Lane house: 'Tancred and Sigismunda.' Garrick, Tancred; Mrs. Cibber, Sigismunda.

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